Description: Petite woman, slightly muscular, below the shoulders length ginger hair, blue eyes

Bio: Name: Kalika

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Profession: Race: Cimmerian

Homeland: Cimmeria

Religion: Set

Childhood: Kalika has always been seen as unpredicatable and strange, random acts of violence with no reason, sadistic behaviour and randomly switching to having a child like mind even well in to her teen years. Her parents could not cope and told her to leave. Growing and running around the streets, she cause more than a few incidents, from stalking and cutting, letting people bleed out, refusing the god for the Cimmerians, destruction of properties, to theifing anything that wasnt nailed down.

Prior Occupation (Before Exile): Theif

Events leading to exile: When she was enventually caught after years of beign on the streets, her crimes where listed, -Destruction of property, including alters -Punching a camel -Multiple assults, Mutilation of multiple people -Theft

She was sentenced to banishedment in the exiled lands. all thoughout her judgement the crims listed and the guards dragging her to the lands, she smile, a wide smile that made her look more animal than human. Her hands and legs were bound to a strong board and she was left in the smouldering heat of the desert, let the vulture pick her bones, the guards said as they left.

Maybe it was hours or even days, with the heat finally getting to her head she didnt know how long she was out there, staring at the sand, a shadow stepped into her line of sight. Weak an delirious she slwoly raised her head and stared at the figure, thinking the shadown is another mirage she slumped her head and closed her eyes. Her binds were removed, she was cut free, her body slumped to the floor. Who removed her binds, she did not know, but she may find out one day.

Personality Type:

Kalika has more than a few screws loose in her head, she can be unpridicable. She can go from being very violent to having a child like mind within split seconds, she has a short attention span unless she is stalking something. She has been called insane with child like tendances. Her main trait would be her loyalty, once she is loyal to someone she will do what she can to help them.

Weaknesses: kleptomania, short attention span, can be easy to anger, can revert to a child like mind at times. Can be impulsive. Cannot carry much, her arms dont hold the strength that most do, she relies on quick slices to cause more bleeding.

Strengths: Her agility has kept her alive, at least so far